Thyrus Rolphsted
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Mosiac of Thyrus. Adorns the Hall of Fathers at the Divine Cathedral.
Vital Statistics
Position Arch-Lecturer, Church of the Holy Faithful
Preceded by None. Originator of role.
Succeeded by Gregor Chranz
Born c395 before ECC
Birthplace Faeradun, Northern Ethaeria
Died c325 before ECC, Divine Cathedral, Xianthe
Laid to rest Hall of Fathers, Xianthe

Physical Attributes
Height Estimated at 5 feet 9 inches.
Weight Estimated to be 170 pounds.

Thyrus Rolphsted, First Arch-Lecturer of the ChurchEdit

Born to parents of meager means on the outskirts of the city of Faeradun, Thyrus was born under the alignment of the moons. This signaled to many that the heavens favored him. At age five he fell in the path of a horse-drawn cart, and although he was trampled he escaped without injury. It was at this time that the elders of the city began to take an interest of him. The City's cleric was assigned to watch over the boy and look for further signs of being "heaven touched".

At age seven he received his first vision of the Creators, by age ten he was regaling those who would listen of the Creators and their plans for their children. By age twenty he had developed a large following with the populace, spanning the gamut of social status. From peasants to city leaders, all were entranced by his evangelizing.

When he reached the age of 20, he was given the first book in what he called the Lexicon, this would become the basis for the formation of the Church. At age 30 he was inspired to write the second book and to establish a dedicated church for the Faithful. Until this time, the Creators had been worshiped in a nearly a la carte fashion and had been sent their messages cryptically via omens, portents, and signs. It took nearly ten years, though, for him to gain enough support to be named as the first leader of the Church.