Warden HistoryEdit

One of the three groups of mankind, the Wardens chose the middle path offered to the peoples of Ethaeria by the Creators, meaning that while they have magical ability they cannot overtly cast anything. They have served as guardians, protectors, and soldiers in the world of Ethaeria since their inception.

The Warden FamiliesEdit

There are five surviving groups of Warden families. Each has a area of expertise and specific contribution to Warden culture as a whole. While the Guild Families may serve as an example of how to properly network competing interests, the supreme brotherhood and comraderie that exists between the Warden families is unrivaled and often marveled at.

The five surviving families are as follows: Omassus, Lancarr, Ivanai, Cathar, Tharatir, and Ranlief.

Warden MagicEdit

Wardens, who are unable to cast potent external spells, focus on internal management of spells and the imbuing of enchantments and wards. Their two most famous uses of this are is runes on weaponry, shields, and armor as well as their use of wards and runes as part of tattoos.


Imbuing of magical power or protectiong into animate things or inaniamte objects such as amulets, armor, and weaponry. The enchanting process for armor or the like requires that the wards, runes, or sigils be placed into the molten metal as it's being hammered and shaped.


Used for animate and inanimate objects, these stones and marks chanel the magical energy into the user or into the object.


These are either carved into an object or tattooed onto a person. Runes are writing and sigils are usually pictographs.

Warden RanksEdit

Lord Commander:

Commander (North, South):

Master-at-Arms (NE, NE, SE, SW):





Warden GroupsEdit



Armor, Weapon, and Shieldsmiths: