Money in Ethaeria is an essential part of every day life. While not everyone has a lot, most live comfortably off their earned wages.

There are three forms of currency in Ethaeria:

The copper forged "halvsmark, the silver laden "mark", and the golden "Royal Mark" (more commonly called a "kings-head").

One halvmark is enough to buy the most basic of items (a crust of bread, a small flagon of cheap liquor, low-quality cloth). Prices are governed by three groups: The Guild of Merchants and Brokers, the Guild of Bankers and Lenders, and the guild responsible for the good or service itself (if applicable).

The current 'average' wage of most manual laborers is two marks a week. Skilled laborers make anywhere from five marks up to a kings-head a week. As with prices, wages are governed by the Guilds.

Conversion RatesEdit

2 halvsmarks = 1 mark
40 marks = 1 kingshead

The average cost of living for the lower tier of wage earners is two marks a month for a one bedroom home with a small living area. Richer areas have homes pushing the 30 kings-head per month mark.