Morningstar Tavern

Morningstar Tavern, main building, exterior.

The Morningstar Tavern is Faeradun's premiere drinking establishment. It also doubles as an inn and brothel, with buildings adjacent owned by the Morning Star's owner, Marten Raeros.

The Common RoomEdit

The Common Room holds the bar, drinking tables, and gambling tables. Here, you can order your beverage, rent a room (or a woman) for the night. The local elite tend to drink at the north end of the common room, on a series of raised platforms. Or, they simply rent a private bar area.

Commoners and those of lower heritage usually crowd around communal tables.

Morningstar interior

Richer travelers can enjoy a private bar area, with its own roasting pit and private servants.

The common room is usually filled with smoke, music, and loud voices, but if you have the coin, you can rent a private bar area that's behind the estblishment.
Morningstar interior 2

Marten washes glasses while a city guard orders a drunk to calm himself. Note the raised platform by the windows. One of the favorites of richer patrons (or in this case, musicians from the Fine Arts Guild).

Here, you can enjoy a rather quiet drink and a nice roast pig or boar. The servants are usually more speedy with your drinks, and within the private bar (unlike the rest of the common room) you are allowed to keep your weapons on you.

Inn RoomsEdit

Up the stairs from the Common Room sits the Inn's rooms. They range from one bed small rooms to large suites - forty-five rooms in all. Milling about are the Inn's upper floors are the various ladies of ill repute available for purchase if so desired. There are rooms for refreshing on each hallway, complete with commode pots and water basins.

These rooms range from cheap one bed hovels to luxury suites. The coinage required depends on the vacancies and how well Marten knows you.

Sample Prices
Bread crust, flago of cheap ale, week old salted meat 1 halvmark each
bread slice, simple cheese, good ale, day old boar meat 5 marks each
bread (half-loaf), good cheese, healthy ale, wine, this morning's meat 10-12 marks each
bread (loaf), fine cheese, fine ale, fine wine, fresh meat 15-20 marks each
Simple Room 20 marks
Luxury Room 1 kingshead