Everyday life of those without magical power is governed, controlled, or at least effected by one (or more) of the following groups.

The Unified Military of EthaeriaEdit

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The military of Ethaeria is a grand thing to behold. Most commoners who do not come from a guild family or a family with guild ties, will often choose to serve in the military. It was one of the best ways to become part of the upper crust of society.

The military is responsible for protection of the Ethaerian way of life.

The Guild FamiliesEdit

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Most aspects of living are overseen by one or more of the guild families. While most try to foster a sense of well being and strive to serve the common populace, others are less benevolent.

Non-Guild HierarchyEdit

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Aside from the Guld Families and the Military, there is a hierarchy of commoner leadership. From Lords to Counts and everything in between.

The Holy Church of the FaithfulEdit

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Religious aspects of commoner life are always the domain of the Church. While some commoners have shunned the ways of the Church, most still at least partially observe the tenets of faith.

Outlaws and BrigandsEdit

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Although many edicts, rulings, and laws have been passed in an effort to curtail criminal activity in Ethaeria, it is still a thriving way of life for many who fall on hard times or who have no desire to do honest work for honest pay.