The Table of Councillors (or simpy the Council) of Ethaeria is the current ruling body of the populace. It is comprised of one Guild Baron, the Exalted Master of the Casting Order, the two Hemisphere Lords, and the Lord Spiritual (usually a Lecturer but never the Arch-Lecturer).

Originally, the Council consisted of a Guild Baron, the Grand Master, and the Lord Commander of the Wardens. However, after the Law of Atonement, the seat of the Lord Commander was abolished.


Established in Avathothen, one year before the establishment of the Ethaeria Common Calendar, the council was originally formed in response to the Unification Wars, and the desire of the populace to have a hand in ruling themselves. Initially, the Table of Councillors would meet with the king on a regular basis to bring issues before him.

After the year 1902 ECC, the Council was the sole ruling body for Ethaeria.

The body is charged with establishing and passing new laws, overseeing the needs of the everyday citizen, and deciding how best to govern the populace as a whole. From taxes to trade, it's all eventually decided here. While the Guilds may oversee commercial interests and the like, they must obtain final approval from the Council before anything is official.


The Council has been mired in controversy nearly from its inception. From rumors of corruption, to the ousting of the Warden Lord Commander the body of rulers is hardly free from its share of issues. Notably, the Council was almost entirely impeached three times, all due to charges of taking bribes from the Guilds.

It is notable, also, that the Church refuses to officially recognize the Council as the sole body of rule for Ethaeria. Though the council has tried to obtain the Church's blessing, the official church stance is that the Royal Line is the chosen ruling body of the Creators.

Current Table of Councillors, 2120 ECCEdit

Guild Representative Baron (or Baroness)
Hemisphere Lord, North Lord or Lady
Hemisphere Lady, South Lady or Lord
Lord Spiritual, Holy Church of the Faithful Lecturer
Exalted Master, Order of Casters Master