Collected Laws of EthaeriaEdit

This is a collected resource of some of the major edicts passed into Ethaerian law.

Law of Atonement (The Great Sundering)Edit

In response to Warden involvement at the Massacre of Maeven, this law made it illegal to openly participate in Warden practices, and outlawed the Warden order from policing the Commoner populace. With some resistance, this edict was stretched by amendment to limit Warden involvement with Caster issues as well.

Law of RuleEdit

This law dissolved the Royal Family's rule of Ethaeria and set the new ruling order via the High Council.

Act to End MaraudingEdit

Outlawed any form of piracy, from acts on the high seas to highwaymen. It made the act of piracy or contributing to piracy an act punishable by death.

Act to Support GrowthEdit

This law, which is no longer in effect, placed heavy taxation on the populace.