First Feast (sometimes called "First-feast" or "Firsfesten") is celebrated on the 15th day of Avathothen. It heralds the beginning of a new era, and is a time to shake off the cold from the winter. The usual meal consists of either a deer, boar, turkey (if available), or pig. Pies are often common at First Feast celebration, as families dip into their surplus of candied fruits.

Poorer families will usually have squab, hearty stew, or even porridge. It is common to exchange gifts during this holiday, but not required. The Church also asks for extra tithes for this day, as most parish leaders hold a banquet for

Common scene at a First Feast celebration. Note the hanging basket.

the less fortunate.

Lore and Supersition

It is often said that Faeron will bestow favors upon those who do good deeds during this holiday. In addition, it is said that Avathoth the Wise (an Arch-Lecturer of old) is said to walk the earth giving gifts to good children. Due to this, it is customary to hang a basket like decoration from a door to catch the gifts.