Faeradun, shoreline view.

Capital of the North and one time ruling capital of the High King of Ethaeria, Faeradun has been described as the "Jewel of the North". This is not only due to its opulence and beauty, but is also a description of how the gold gilded spires and shimmering windows look from a distance to the road weary traveler.

As the largest city in Ethaeria, there is much to do here. From drinking establishments to gambling houses, shopping plazas to brothels, it's all here.

Located centrally in the city is Rasmussen Hall, the seat for the Council - the ruling group of the land. Nearby is the Unified Guild College, where guild members and their children go to learn or refine their trades. In the northern sector of the city sits the University of Magics, filled with burgeoning casters.

Other famous locations include The Morningstar Tavern, Vasthar Keep, and the guild houses for the Guild of Coin Counters and LendersGuild of the Engineers and Alchemists,  and the Guild of Sciences.